Lids For Kids is a non-profit organization seeking to make a beneficial impact in the Marin County community. We will be donating all profits from our raccoon-proofing service to Bridge The Gap College Prep, which helps Marin City students maximize their education with a final goal of graduating from college.


Our solution to raccoon break-ins of garbage cans is durable, simple, and easy to use. Instead of a web of bungee cords and straps preventing a raccoon break-in, our product uses a single strap and buckle that can be adjusted to fit any garbage can and is able to expand to secure overflow. Since our product is fastened to the garbage can, it won’t be carelessly discarded by trash collectors and won’t run the risk of being lost. We created our product when we realized just how inefficient it was to keep raccoons out of our trash, and the disastrous effects when we failed. After experimenting around with different designs we finally came up with the simple strap and buckle which proved to be the most intuitive and durable of all our designs.

The price for our product, which includes the installation fee, is $30, plus $15 for every additional can.


Out of all the charities in Marin, we’ve chosen Bridge the Gap College Prep because we feel strongly about the power of education to make positive change in people's lives. Bridge the Gap College Prep is a college prep and youth development organization that provides programming aimed at preparing Marin City students for college success. As students, we have experienced first-hand the life-altering effects education can provide, either by making us critical thinkers or widening our future opportunities.

Furthermore, we believe that inadequate education is a root cause of many problems we as Americans face but is nevertheless neglected in some areas. It is for these reasons that we seek to contribute to educational equity in the Marin County community and give others the same access to higher education.

“Bridge the Gap College Prep is so honored that Lids for Kids have chosen us as the beneficiary of their creative and commendable fundraising initiative. We're delighted that they share our values around the transformative power of education to create brighter futures. Every dollar they raise is helping Marin City youth prepare for and successfully graduate from college.” - Bonnie Kirkpatrick, Director of Communications


Zac Warrin - Co-founder
Zac is a rising senior at The Branson School. He’s passionate about mechanical engineering and business.

James Bressie - Co-founder
James is a rising senior at The Thacher School. He is interested about social justice and business.

Zac Singer - CTO
Zac is a rising senior at The Branson School who is enthusiastic about the economy, investing, and machine learning.

Lids For Kids

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